Biography Prof. Bortfeld

Dr. Thomas Bortfeld is a Professor at the Harvard Medical School and the Director of the Radiation Biophysics Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The goal of Dr. Bortfeld's work is to deliver more focused radiation treatments with fewer side effects by combining methods of physics, imaging, and operations research. Dr. Bortfeld has been one of the key developers of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which has become the state of the art with millions of patients treated worldwide. He and his team are refining IMRT through multi-criteria and robust optimization. Another research focus of Dr. Bortfeld is in proton therapy, to improve this treatment modality and to make it more widely available for the benefit of a larger number of patients. More recent research interests of Dr. Bortfeld are in the image-guided temporo-spatial optimization of treatment dynamics in both IMRT, proton therapy and combined modality treatments. The work of Dr. Bortfeld has been published in more than 150 peer reviewed articles and 3 books.


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