Biography Dr. Bentley

Roy Bentley, PhD., BSc took his degree in Physics in 1951 and a PhD at the University of Birmingham in 1955, then spent the greater part of his working life at The Institute of Cancer Research and the associated Royal Marsden Hospital. After working on the assessment of radioactive nuclides in the environment, he turned his attention to the application of computers in medicine and in particular medical physics. His principal interest was in a applications to radiotherapy when direct interaction with computers had just become a practical proposition. He was also worked in the field of nuclear medicine and spent a year’s sabbatical in the biomedical computer department at Washington University, St. Louis, in 1967-68, where he was one of the first to link a computer on line to a gamma camera. He was also instrumental in the introduction of a computerised information system for the Royal Marsden Hospital. He returned, before retirement in 1955, to an interest in radiotherapy and transferred an advanced system of imaging and planning developed by DKFZ (Deutsche Krebs Forschung Zentrum), in Heidelburg to a hospital in the UK.

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