Biography Dr. Milan

Jo Milan BSc, MSc, PhD took his first degree in Sheffield in 1965 followed by an MSc in Toronto in 1968 where he worked on the Program Console, the first stand alone computer system designed for radiotherapy treatment planning. A year later he joined Roy Bentley at the Institute of Cancer Research(ICR) to develop a successor to the Program Console, the RAD8, which became a successful commercial product. He then turned his attention to computer systems to enhance the images from ultrasonic scanners, which work led to a PhD in 1975. In 1977 he initiated development of an information system at the ICR to manage the data for clinical research, a key concept behind which was that research data should be captured automatically where possible from laboratories and other clinical sources in the ICR's sister institution, the Royal Marsden Hospital. Automatic data capture required implementing systems for clinical departments and following the routine adoption of applications for haematology and histopathology he joined the hospital to direct further development when it took responsibility for ongoing investment . At that time there were formidable problems in overcoming the compromises and conflicts between the rapid data access required for clinical care versus efficient data analysis and these problems were compounded by the difficulty of maintaining control over growing systems complexity. To address these issues he developed a software architecture and toolset which became the backbone of the overall system and enabled a relatively small development team to build what became one of the most comprehensive hospital information systems in the UK and one which is unique to the extent of the tight integration of data for patient care, research and business management.

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